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b2 – ICICI answer to complete online banking

Posted by Rahul Narula on July 25, 2008

ICICI Bank has recently came up with a unique and first of its kind savings account which they term as “new face of money“. As always the pioneers in banking software adoption have come up with a new product called “b2 – Branchfree Banking“. Introducing the product when they asked when was the last time you visited your bank branch, I had a clue what on offer as in my more than 5 years of relationship with them had never being visited the branch as I do almost all my banking online using Infinity.

So what is b2 anyways and how its exciting ?

The new b2 account has the following offerings. I am categorizing them into 2 sections,1 that favor bank and the second that favors us as customers


  • no branches
  • no ATMs
  • no cheque books

For Customers

  • higher interest
  • zero charges
  • no minimum balance

    So you will get only a account that you can use for online transactions be it paying utilty bills to shopping for air tickets. The money kept in this account with earn you better interest. People who are aware of the Quantum Optima feature of the regular saving accounts will be aware of how it is done as for this account Quantum Optima comes by default.

    For online transactions they have come up with eWallet & Virtual Credit Card to minimize risks. All transaction (as of now) are free.


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