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Advertising ban ! Will it work in India?

Posted by Rahul Narula on August 27, 2008

After reading a recent news item about Apple iPhone ad been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in UK I wondered if this happened in India around 90% of the ads would have to be banned just for the same reason of “misleading consumers”.

I even wonder if India even has such an authority in place. I am sure it will surely be existing but wondering what its function would be except sleeping.


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Joost Invites available

Posted by Rahul Narula on May 3, 2007

After trying to get a invite to experience Joost, I finally managed to get an invite thanks to Brajeshwar for sending me an invite. It has been a great ride on the Joost experience since then.

For the people who are still looking for invites can comment on this post and I can send the invite.

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LCD vs Plasma televisions

Posted by Rahul Narula on May 2, 2007

Confused about the type of TV you want to buy. Thinking of buying a Plasma or an LCD TV. Read this to help yourself find the best choice for you.

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