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Thoughts from the Mangalore tragedy

Posted by Rahul Narula on May 22, 2010

It has been a real gloomy day for the India and Indian aviation in particular with a Mangalore bound Air India Express flight crashed with 166 passengers on board.

Though its early days in figuring out the exact reason for the crash pilot error seems to be most likely caused the fatal accident. I have been glued to the TV to get the latest on the same and been hearing thoughts from various people including aviation experts. For me by whatever information I could gather listening to experts on TV and reading some details on the web I feel the main cause of a lot of causalities was the fire and blast caused in the airplane due to the ATF after in steered into the gorge. Had it not been the ATF catching fire resulting in the fire and blast, the causalities could have been pretty less.

This brought me thinking about it and I feel almost 80-90% of the airplane related disasters are caused by fire and blast . I am no chemical expert but wondering if a mechanism could be developed that makes fuel (ATF in this case) incombustible by missing some other chemical/liquid or something into it. So how this will work is,  if the pilot on board feels that the plane is going to land and they are left with no options he could, by press of a button mix the desired chemical/liquid to the ATF tank which will then turn ATF into incombustible liquid which in turn might  prevent a major fire or blast and hence might also prevent in causalities especially in cases like the one happened today in Mangalore.

These are some of the thoughts which I would try to get answers from experts as to if it is something possible to do and the pros and cons for the same.


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