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BMTC Vajra Re 1 promotional scheme after effects

Posted by Rahul Narula on September 17, 2008

The last I was really upset by the announcement by the government of the Re 1 ride on elite and luxurious Vajra buses in Bangalore. I could not understand the so called reasoning of promoting the vajra service so that more and more people could use the same. I feel this idea was a totally ridiculous one and would do more damage than any good to the Vajra service in Bangalore. Now after a few days that the promotional scheme is over (thankfully it was only for 3 days) news of it after effects are coming in and the after-effects of the horrendous decision by BMTC are coming to light. The buses seems to have taken a lot of pounding as a result of astronomical load on them during the 3 days leave alone the financial loss incurred by BMTC due to the promotion.

I really wonder how can by reducing the fare to Re. 1 BMTC will be able promote the service and more people will start using them. I feel that people who would have dared to give a try to the service on the promotional fare would have had a rather bad experience after traveling on them in the state the buses ran on the 3 days. As per data Vjara buses carried upto 97000 commuters than the normal 15000 daily during the promotion. How can one experience the real comfort of traveling these buses in such condition? I must say that only one time users would have had more fun riding them during these 3 days. Even normal users of the service would have shyied away from using them during the promotion period. So if that was what BMTC intended to do i.e giving a chance to all people who couldn’t afford these buses, then I must say that they have very well succeeded in doing so.

We all know how difficult it is to get something worthwhile in our country but now since we managed to get something good in our city the government and its authorities are making every effort to spoil them by promotions like these. There are various other means by promoting such services. Instead of improving the service I fail to understand how the fare of Re 1 was decided as per me a promotion offer of flat fare of Rs 10 was also good enough to attract more serious commuters. The fare of Rs 10 would have been good enough price for the people who were reluctant to use the service just on the basis of high fares though I personally differ to believe that only high fares is deterrent to the optimum use of Vajra service. By offering Re 1 the BMTC took a double blow by taking away commuters from regular non-Vajra service thus reducing the collection from regular services and also doing significant damage to the expensive Volvo buses.

I though believe that these uneducated decisions should not be taken by the government and some serious thoughts must be put before actually implementing such foolish promotions which does more damage than good to the city.


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  1. Deepak said

    Bajate raho…

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