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Follow-On : A deprecated term in Indian cricket

Posted by Rahul Narula on August 12, 2007

Third(Oval) Test Ind Vs Eng, 9-13 Aug, 2007

After India managed to play upto their potential for the first 3 days of the test match and managed to gain a match winning lead of 319 runs there came a faltering decision by captain Rahul Dravid not to enforce follow-on. To my utter surprise I couldnt understand the decision of bat again in the overcast conditions where Indian bowlers could have done substantial damage to the English batting lineup. Indian batsmen are facing the same music as the result of overcast conditions with India tottering at 11/3 in just 6 overs.

Generally, the decision not to enforce follow-on are taken my captains when he feel his bowlers need rest to bowl at the batsmen again.Also in such a situation the captain doesn’t want to take a chance to bat last on the deteriorating wicket. It can be understood in certain situations but the condition in which Rahul Dravid took the decision to bat second and not enforcing follow-on is totally beyond my understanding. To me I can only feel that Rahul doesnt believe in follow-on. If he cant make use of it in such a situation as today I feel he had deprecated the term from Indian Cricket.


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