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Cricket World Cup 2007 – Final punch

Posted by Rahul Narula on April 29, 2007

Wow today , after bit of a wait for the start of the finals of Cricket World Cup 2007, it was an awesome treat to watch the current world champions especially Adam Gilchrist bat during the innings. I have always been a great admirer of this stupendous left hander but today it was a really a treat to watch the exhilarating batting display in the all but the most important game in a cricketer’s career.

Though Gilchrist had played below his potential in the tournament before today this innings got all the very much important. This is what I feel the world champion team is made off. I don’t feel Sri Lanka played badly by any standards but it was just this one big man “Adam Gilchrist” who just took the game away from the islanders. Though the match is still underway, at the time of me writing this, I think ‘Gilly’s’ innings will be good enough to seal a victory and hence a hold on the 3rd straight world cup.

On the way to his 149 runs off 104 balls feat he also set a new world record of the highest runs by an individual in a world cup finals.


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